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Ecu Remapping


Nm Performance offers a range of remaps to suit every driver. From towing enhancing and economical remaps to an all out stage 2 performance remap paired with a stage 2 performance gearbox tune. Our performance remaps offer the best of improvements in BHP and Torque, some added economy improvements and most of all maximum driver satisfaction! We pride ourselves on offering the best range of ECU remapping in Shropshire and we don't stop at cars! We can also tune any van, lgv and campervan!  


There are many benefits to remapping your vehicle - increased torque, power and economy being a few of them but the main benefit is the increased drivability of your vehicle. Our high quality performance remaps will unlock your vehicle’s true potential whilst increasing the driveability. The increased power and torque combined with the need for less throttle input maintains the speed resulting in your fuel economy to increase.

We passionately believe reliability and drivability is just as important as how much power and torque can be achieved. We have built a solid a well known reputation for providing the best remaps and software in the tuning industry. Using the most advanced and sophisticated tuning equipment available, combined with many years of experience within the tuning and racing world, we can tune almost any car or commercial vehicle on the road today. Being at the forefront of technological developments in the tuning industry, we can even tune the very latest vehicle models.

We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled tuning software coupled with excellent customer care. Whether you are looking for more MPG from your commercial vehicle or as much power as possible for your track car - we will have a tuning solution for you!

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